Monday, 20 February 2017

Frugal tip: Cleaning the cleaner

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We all have the cleaning tools: vacuum cleaner, mops, dusters, dishwasher, washing machine etc. 
I just have a vacuum cleaner. Nothing fancy like a Dyson. When I was buying it 5 years before, I was not thinking much about environment or frugal living. It was all about convenience. So, I bought a vacuum cleaner with disposable bag.
 It was working fine. Last week i noticed it is not sucking that much like before. Under the brush, thee was a lot of hair tangled and making the machine struggle. 
Tried to remove the hair with my hands. But it was very hard. The website called one good thing by jillie has a simple solution. Use a seam ripper . It worked so fast and effectively. 
a little bit of caring can make the machine work for more years. It is a wise investment of your time, I think.
Do you ever clean the cleaner?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Carrot Experiment: Fermenting

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Since my sauerkraut experiment well I am ready to try my hands on fermented carrots. 

I peeled 4 medium sized carrots. Since i thought it will be easy to put carrot in the blender instead of grating, I did that. I don't have a food processor. The blender method was a disaster. 
So, the carrots got grated using a box grater. Then I added about a teaspoon of pickling salt, along with some grated ginger and garlic. 
That is my carrots mixed with ginger garlic and salt. After mixing it with hand, I transferred it to a glass bottle. The bottle is not full. I am searching for a small bottle. Meanwhile it is in this mason jar.
As you can see the juice is not covering it yet. Going to wait for a fe hours. Then if it is not getting more liquid, I will add more brine solution. 
Will give an update in about a week. Right now, keeping my fingers crossed to see how it goes. 
Have you ever tried fermenting veggies?  Any interesting tips or incidents to share with me?

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

It is about Teabag and frugal

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As i said on the title, it is about the tea bag. 

Not really about one tea bag. About making more cups of tea from one bag. This green tea is from Costco. In a box, there are 100 bags. Each is individually packed. You might have got it from the picture of the packet itself, right? 

 Hubby likes to take green tea in a flask to work. That is about two cups of tea in the flask. He doesn't like it seeped for long. Just change the colour and little flavour is enough. 

After making his tea, i dip the bag in a cup of boiled water for myself. Then, the bag got dropped in an empty glass. I make about 4 cups of tea in the morning for myself with the same tea bag. 

It all started to tame my coffee drinking habit. Coffee was giving me acid reflux. This green tea is fine for me. In the winter, I have to force myself to drink water. The tebag gives a little colour and slight flavour to the water. Drinking something warm gives a good feeling too. I am extending the use of one bag and saving some pennies too.

How many cups of green tea you usually make from one tea bag? Or loose tea is your favourite?
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DIY Sauerkraut experiment

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Two weeks before hubby bought a red cabbage. It was on sale: he said. Half of the cabbage I used to cook. 
I was itching to try my hands on making sauerkraut. So, I chopped the half cabbage roughly. Chopped a small piece of ginger from the freezer. Chopped a few cloves of garlic too. 
Put about 2 spoons of regular table salt on it. (Most of the recipes asking to use non-iodized salt) Mixed everything together and placed in a glass bottle. I had a jar of distilled water. So added that to top of the chopped cabbage. Then just left it on the kitchen counter for 2 weeks. 
I took some and tasted today.
My sauerkraut is tangy enough for me. Wow!! Look at the colour!
It is really easy. Fermented foods are good source of probiotics, they say. 
Going to try some carrots next time. I am going to keep the sauerkraut in the fridge. 

Hubby bought me some pickling salt this week. Will post about the next experiment soon.Umm... may be in about 3 weeks. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Frugal Weekend

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After a day of continuous snowing, today feels like nice. Because of the light reflecting on the snow, it is very white outside. 
When you are inside the comforting warmth of your home, it is very pleasant to view the snow falling down. When you are outside, walking or driving, it a different story. 

Since the last week was a no-shopping one, we did some grocery shopping this week. Actually there was no way we can survive another week without a grocery shopping. 

We bought a piece of meat, that costs a little less than $8. It got cooked and it is going to be stretched for the whole week. I am going to have more veggies cooked during the week. 

Did I told you that we pack our lunch and almost never buy lunch outside? 
The laundry is all done and getting line dried. I bought some tomatoes extra this week. They have to go to the freezer. 
The Valentines day is going to be on Tuesday. We will not be celebrating that. 

I did a DIY hair colouring to cover my greys. It costs $6.99 for the colour. 

I am really tempted to get a manicure after seeing my coworker's hand. She gets a manicure and pedicure for $30 every month.

 After thinking about it I finally decided not to do it. The important thing for me is to get financially independent. $360 invested will be good for that. Being a dental assistant gives me enough reasons not to colour my nails and having short nails.

Do you get manicure and pedicure every month? If you DIY your nails, what are the things you buy?

Hope, you had a relaxing weekend too.
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With love
(The image is copied from a pinterest pin. If you want it taken down, please email me. I will remove it )

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cleaning day!

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I got a few hours to myself. No work and no pressing issues to solve. So, I decided to just clean up the place. I have my re usable wipes to use.  Took one out. The smell of Lysol was powerful. Instructions on the bottle clearly says to add water to dilute it before use. Silly me, didn't read it while making the wipes.

So, I put one wipe in a bowl of water and rinsed out before using it. It still had the Lysol smell. With one wipe, I managed to wipe all the kitchen counters and backsplash.
Dusted the whole place and vacuumed too. Wow! There was still time to clean the bathtubs and bathroom flour.  My vinegar soap solution was good to clean the tub.
So, I am thinking, may be once a week, I can do this cleaning ritual.
Paper filing is another chore I have to pay attention. Tax season is coming up. I need to get everything organized. Hopefully, we will manage to do the tax by ourselves. All the necessary papers are in one place already.
Do you guys started thinking about tax filing? How you organize things? Do you have a fixed timetable for cleaning the home?

Till next post
With love

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Frugal Freezer

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Since this is a no grocery shopping week, I am depending more on my freezer.

Now, let us think of the freezer. I don't have a chest freezer. We just use the freezer that comes with the fridge. No, it is not a fancy fridge. Just a regular one, with a freezer compartment on the top. 

Now, what do I freeze?

At present, we have carrots, beetroots, and spinach. Then few tomatoes and some fruits.

Carrots were plenty in the fall. Same was the case of beetroots. We peeled and sliced the carrots and freeze them in freezer bags. Beetroots were boiled first, then removed skins. They also got sliced before getting in the freezer. 

I have ginger in the freezer. Whenever we buy ginger, I wash, peel and slice into cubes and then freeze them. Want ginger tea? Just drop a small piece in the boiled water and seep. You got it right? Do you know you can freeze the curry leaves? It will turn slightly blackish, but the flavour will be same. Green chillies can be frozen too.  I like to freeze garlics too. Just put a few frozen garlic cloves in your stews or soups. It is just fine. (Wash and peel them before freezing)

I even freeze the store bought bread. Costco has the 3 packs of bread. I place them in the freezer. Before using, you just have to put in the fridge and let it thaw. It is good for making sandwich or toast. 

I do even freeze the vegetable scraps. I keep a plastic container in the freezer to keep my veggie scraps. Once the container is full, I make veggie stock in the slow cooker. 

What you have in your freezer? Do you use the freezer to save money?

Till next post,
With love